Membership to Silcreation 

Since Silcreation is a not-for-profit social media organization, its membership is open to all  interested individuals who share the same vision and are commited to the principles developed by Silcreation. General members’ roles, responsibilities and privileges have been defined by the statute of the organization. A general member: 

–  should be at least 18 years of age

–  should be committed to principles of Silcreation and should have a sense of volunteerism.

–  should support Silcreation projects by participating in them or disseminating information about them 

Membership Application

Interested individuals who fulfill the above mentioned criteria can apply for a general membership. Decision about general membership is granted by the exective board within 30 days from the date of application. In order to apply:

– Fill in the application form 

– Pay annual membership fee (€5) to the following bank account

Silver Lining Creation

Sampo Bank Account number: 80440710152886

IBAN: FI6480440710152886 (Only while paying from abroad)

In the message field please write your name and indicate ‘Membership Fee’. 

 Benefits of General Membership

General members are building blocks of the organization. Every year they take part in the General Assembly, approve annual reports and make new strategic plans for the organization and biennially (once in two years)  elect a new executive board,. General members who are not present at the assembly vanue can still participate in the assembly via virtual means of communication.  

General members regularly receive updated information about the progress of different projects of the organization. They are also informed about different events (film screening events, seminars, exhibitions) of the organization and get priority while participating in such events.  

General members who are interested to work as volunteers in different projects of Silcreation will be named as SilVolunteers and will be prioritized in trainings and workshops organized by the organization.

If you are unable to apply for general membership due to some reasons, you can still be connected to Silcreation as a supporter or a volunteer. In addition, you can be associated with a Silcreation branch in your country, if there is any. 

IMPORTANT: Due to difficulties in transferring application fee from abroad, we are not accepting applications from outside Finland. However, you can still be a member of this website and be affiliated with us as our supporter or be part of SilVolunteer irrespective of your place of residence.   

If you have further queries, please send us an email to