Silcreation has developed a Product Oriented Internship Approach (POIA) in which students are stimulated to engage in creative activities and come up with a product or a project at the end of their internship. Silcreation team guides the interns throughout the period and helps hone their skills in different creative areas. For more information:

Download Internship Leaflet here 

If you have completed an internship with us, submit your internship feedback here 

Interns have always been part of the organization and Silcreation always welcomes creative, dynamic and energetic interns from different universities and universities of applied sciences. Some of our interns end up being our members and active supporters after their internship is over.

How to apply? 
To prospective interns, we first advise that before sending an application, take a look at  our website ( and get to know our goals, objectives, working methodologies, our priority areas and projects we are running. If you genuinely get interested, then send a short application letter describing yourself and possible contribution you could make as an intern to Do not forget to attach your CV as well.

How are internships organized? 
If your internship application is accepted, a Silcreation executive member will be assigned as a supervisor for you and he or she will contact you for a meeting. Generally, a Terms of References (ToR) is signed at the first meeting. Please remember to carry all internship papers that your university handed to you.
Though you will meet your supervisor for evaluation and reflection, you’ll do most of your work independently from home or your university. It’s also possible to do an internship in a group, but you have to find group members yourselves who have similar interest to yours.

For further information, please go through our internship leaflet or send us an email at