About us

Who are we? 

Silver Lining Creation Ry is a not-for-profit social media organization based in Finland. Briefly named as Silcreation, the organization consists of independent documentary makers, script writers, development activists, freelance writers and students. We believe that means of mass communications such as the visual media can be used as effective tools of experience sharing, knowledge disseminating, motivation building and thought provoking.

International cooperation has been one of the main priorities of the organization as its presence has been continuously increasing in different parts of the world. In cooperation with our partner organizations and Silcreation branches, we have been offering a platform for sharing experiences, disseminating knowledge and raising awareness. 

We are not a closed group. Everybody can be part of us and work with us, but he or she needs to abide by some terms, conditions and ethics that we have developed for this group.We use social media, the internet, and public as well as private agencies to disseminate our work. 

We wish to work with organizations from all over the world who have committed themselves to social justice, sustainable development, equity, human rights and environmental protection.We encourage youth organizations, community media institutions, NGOs and self-help groups to work together with us. We also welcome individuals who have innovative ideas and want to expand their skills and expertise. If you are interested in the projects initiated by Silcreation, you can be a part of the organization by applying for its membership. Organizations can also send a request for partnership or country representation. 

Please be informed that we don’t take, share or provide any profit to members and volunteers associated with us.  All profit that we make is either used to strengthen our campaign or spent on educating the poor children of developing countries. 

We work with and for people from all over the world, but our emphasis is on the issues of developing world and our prioritized areas for the year 2009-11 are as follows:    

–          Health, Education and Justice for all

–          Poverty Alleviation 

–          Community Development

–          Youth, Women and Empowerment of the oppressed and cultural minorities 

–          Human Rights, Peace and Democracy

–          Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development

–          Brain Drain or the flow of intellectual capital from the developing countries

–          Alternative Energy/ Alternative Initiatives for Development